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Koquimba celebrates 25 years with “a wood in the wall”

The bagpipe is of anniversary, and is that from 1987, in sector 18 of October, they began to sound furro, maraca and the tambora. Brothers were the people in charge and its taste by took them to music to use a percussion different from the rest of the groupings including the sound of the accordion in its music.

“Here my people are Koquimba” it is the shout military that characterizes to this great gaitera family whom the great Oscar González has like pioneer, extroverted man and with great charisma that has managed to take the music from the region on great scales.

Between their songs more sounding are:

“The Burials”
“The Desert”
“The Small schools”
“The Koquimbera”
“The Raising”
“Gaitear is my life”
“The bagpipe that I like”
“The Buses”
“Ay heart”
“Not him song to Venezuela”
After 25 years of trajectory, Koquimba, that are deserving of prizes like the Mara de Oro, has become an innovating grouping maintaining always its values traditional developing a unique and particular style to make the bagpipe.


During an interview with Notizulia, the grouping presented/displayed its new record production to us composed by 14 subjects, 3 unpublished and 11 rest that have been successes in previous years and that have become true “Classic ones”.

“A wood in the wall”, subject written and interpreted by Oscar González, is the promotional one of this disc in which it has 34 special guests protagonists of the bagpipes that have written part of the musical history of the region, and that next to the vocalistas of Koquimba has the honor to share them for all their public.

“It is a subject that has caused commotion, it defends to the bagpipe, we we want that they return the gaiteros dawns”, said Yumaira González Nava, vocalista of the grouping, that emphasized that with the disc they pay tribute to him to the bagpipe and the icons of the zulianidad.

On the other hand, David González, that has been 16 years within the grouping, commented that they will have appeared by all the country, although emphasized that the season of the 2011 has not started like in previous years. “This disc is for all our followers”, expressed.

Thus the zuliana grouping celebrates 25 years full of successes and premiaciones rendering to him tribute to which of some or another form they have applauded, collaborated, admired and followed the work musical of Koquimba.

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