viernes, 2 de diciembre de 2011

My Proyect

My Name is Ysmael Rubio, I’m 22 Years Old. Study Social Communications At Urbe.

jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

Koquimba celebrates 25 years with “a wood in the wall”

The bagpipe is of anniversary, and is that from 1987, in sector 18 of October, they began to sound furro, maraca and the tambora. Brothers were the people in charge and its taste by took them to music to use a percussion different from the rest of the groupings including the sound of the accordion in its music.

The Story of Maria Cárdenas

An old lady named Maria Cárdenas made a living by washing other people's clothes, a job she did every morning at the shores of the lake. On November 18, 1709 she took a bulk of clothes, and as usual, went to the lake to start washing them. This old lady was at her chores when she saw a small wooden slab floating towards her. She picked it up thinking that it might be of some use.

Fair with flavor to bagpipe

In all the corners of Maracaibo when entering the month of November, its melody sounds recipar of taboras when intoning the four.

"Chinita Zuliana"

The people of Maracaibo celebrate the Chinita's fair in November with an all-night party. One of the main city avenues, Bella Vista, is closed for several blocks and the city puts lights along the whole avenue. The lights stay up for months, until after Christmas. There are stages set up, sponsored by the government and businesses around the city. There are firework shows and street vendors, and hundreds of thousands of people line the streets and celebrate all night.